Our tea masters travel thousands of miles across the globe, sampling teas from different regions, terroir, age of tea orchard and vintage in search of the purist single-estate, small batch dark teas. Each batch has unique favours. Our prestige dark tea collection is curated from the following regions in China.


Yunnan, a dark tea region in China (on a map)


Our Cemeonial dark aged tea is an extremely rare tea is from China’s Yunnan, the birthplace of tea. Nestled among mountains on the fringes of the Sichuan Basin, and has four rivers flowing through the region, it has a long association with the tea trade and even produced the world's most expensive variety of the commodity last year.

Tea plantation in Yunan, China

The tea has been traded for over 2,000 years, on the legendary Tea Horse Road, a network of mule-caravan paths, along which tea from as far away as Yunnan was carried to Nepal and beyond, in exchange for horses. By the 11th century, the black aged tea had become the coin of the realm.

With nearly 1,700 mm of rain a year, the region enjoys a monsoon-fed, humid sub-tropical climate, while mountain ranges to the northwest shield it from cold Siberian winds. It is perfect for quality tea production.

Yunnan dark tea is arguably the most famous fermented tea in China. It is among the most robust but refined black teas produced in the world!

Our Yunnan Dark Tea has a mahogany red color. The aroma is strong sweet and floral with a slight roasted undertone. The taste is smooth with sweet malty notes. The aftertaste is refreshing and clean. This tea ages well and develops textures of red wine and fruit with a little age.

Our 60 year-old Yunnan Dark Tea has an intensely deep, rich and complex flavours. The tastes linger in your month making you want more.