Unique terroir 

Tea Cellar Co. curates the best and the rarest dark teas from the birthplace of tea. We go to the ancient tea gardens in the mountains of Yunnan, where tea plants over hundreds years old thrive. We aim to find the absolute best and rarest tea. Creating powerful memories for you to enjoy and explore. 

Traditionally crafted by artisans

Each small batch is handcrafted from start to finish, picking, roasting, rolling, sun-drying to pressing the tea leaves into a brick. Our natural dark teas have undergone complex fermentation like Champagne to accelerate complex, rich flavours developed. We always source the highest quality around — so high in fact that you can re-brew the tea nearly 5 – 8 times, getting the most bang for your buck.

Purely natural whole leaf tea

The highest quality teas come from historic tea plants located high in pristine mountains, perfect for tea growing. Our exclusive tea collection is 100% natural whole leaf. We always curate the best quality, single estate teas and carefully age the teas in our cellar to ensure pure quality and wellness in every brew.

No blends or additives

The world of single origin tea is complex (let alone single estate). With its range of flavours based on terroir, age of tea plant, and vintage, the journey is an adventure on its own. Rather than showcasing different flavours using blended ingredients, we focus on sharing different individual traits of single origin and single estate aged teas with you.

Carefully aged 

We have had generations of experience to cellar aged teas. We curate the best teas to age to ensure development of complex mature flavours. You can be confident that our teas have been stored perfectly. The way it is kept will be done in accordance with the tea artisans.

Sustainable and local

We are committed to making a positive impact on your well being and our planet. We use sea freight (overseas) or truck (domestic) over plane to reduce carbon emissions. We partner with local vendors and suppliers where possible. We use sustainable packaging and design principles to create our products. Our teaware are designed to re-brew and refill your favourite aged teas.

Taste and feel

Some tasting notes include: earthy, forest, exquisite florals, sweet almond with velvety smooth finish.

From the deep rich colours, complex flavours and elegant aromas, the immediate calmness you feel when drinking just one cup can only to be experienced firsthand!

Our teas are designed to be refilled, re-steeped, and re-used to let subtle flavours and aromas unfurl. Learn how to brew

Start your discovery of single estate dark teas today.

Kitty Leung, Founder