We source rare, pure, natural teas that have been aged and pressed.

Respect of farmers and provenance

Our tea masters have a deep understanding and respect of provenance and farmers. We travel thousands of miles across the globe, sampling teas from different regions, terroir, age of tea orchard and vintage in search of the purist single-estate, small batch teas. Each batch has unique favours.

Nature perfects imperfections.

Using ancient techniques, our teas are hand-picked when fresh, aged when loose and pressed. This allows fermentation accelerates to develop complex powerful flavours. Our tea masters carefully age our teas in the right conditions to allow the tea characters further develop.

Pure aged tea, broken down for you, fresh to order

Tea is in our blood and we take pride in our rare teas. Our tea masters break down the pressed teas, fresh to orders for you. We aim to ensure our highest quality teas are being treated with much love, care and respect.

Heritage pressed tea. Treasure like gold.

Enjoying the rare aged tea is an experience in heritage and tradition of your own.

Pressed tea was the preferred form of currency over gold or coins for Tibetan royalties as the teas were brewed as herbal medicine. It was more compact and easier for transport than loose leaf tea. The tea was packed in bamboo, loaded on the backs of porters and horses to be sent to Century Asia and Europe along the ancient Silk Road.

Our teas are:

  • Pure, not blended
  • natural with no preservatives, additives or flavours and
  • traditionally made and
  • naturally harvested.

Our teas are designed to be refilled, re-steeped, and re-used to let subtle flavours and aromas unfurl.