My connection to farming

My family had been farming in Southern China for four generations. Knowledge has been passed down the generations in the family to me, as the company founder. With an intuitive understanding of the land, climate and seasons, means we source the highest quality, pure, natural teas, from the birthplace of tea, China. 

Tea connects us

Tea is in my blood. I’ve grown up around tea. Our family are tea collectors, mum loves aged pu-er for its mellow characters and versatility. Dad loves green teas, particularly Iron Goddess because of its fresh and floral aromas. Dad brews tea when he gets up for all of us to enjoy. They select teas to pair with different food. We talk about the teas we smell, taste, look and feel when drinking teas. They share their prized teas with our extended family. Tea connects my family, friends and my loved ones.

tea in sunset

My tea enlightenment

In 2006, I went on a journey to rediscover my Chinese roots. My uncle introduced me to the world of dark aged pressed tea. I was in my 20s when I discovered the truth about my uncle. He was secretly a Chinese tea master. I fell in love with his rare collection of dark aged pressed teas, housed sacredly within his tea mansion. Almost 15 years later and I can still smell the aroma moving through me as he poured me my first cup. They were smells and flavours I’d never tasted before.

I knew from the moment I drank my first cup, that I wanted to share the dark aged pressed tea experience with others, and in 2015, Tea Cellar Co. was born.

Start your discovery of single estate dark aged teas today.

Kitty Leung, Founder