1. Versatility

We recommend porcelain gaiwan for brewing all types of loose leave teas, such as dark aged, oolong, pu-er, green and white teas. Gaiwan made with glazed surface does not absorb any flavour while brewing. Go for it and rest assured that you will not get any residual earthiness of dark aged teas messing with you floral, fresh green flavour. It is great for tea lovers who like to taste a variety of tea types without investing in an extensive collection of teaware.

2. Awaken your senses

Gaiwan allows all your sensory experience while brewing these teas – watching tea leaves awaken and unfurl and letting delicate aromas to come through and tasting the subtle changes of flavours over brews.

3. Control

Another reason gaiwans are preferred by tea connoisseurs for brewing delicate teas because they offer control over the brewing process. The wide opening allows heat to dissipate when brewing oolong, green and white teas or can be covered with the lid to retain heat for dark aged and pu-er teas.

The lid is used to strain tea leaves allows for control over infusion time and decant the brew into another container (yes, that’s right! No strainer is required). This ensures the right amount of water in each brew and stops when you want to for the perfect cup. 

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 4. Elegant and simple

A bowl holds tea leaves as they brew, covered by a lid.

A saucer can be used to help handle the bowl when it is hot. Gracefully practical, it is thin, flared lip of the bowl, which helps create a smooth and drip-free pour.

Gaiwan holding, pouring

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