Our tea masters travel thousands of miles across the globe, sampling teas from different regions, terroir, age of tea orchard and vintage in search of the purist single-estate, small batch dark teas. Each batch has unique favours. Our prestige dark tea collection is curated from the following regions in China.


Hunan, a dark tea region in China (on a map)



Our Signature dark aged tea is cultivated from the central south Hunan region. Located in a remote mountainous area, tea has been cultivated in Anhua since 1524. With four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall and a short cold period encourage rich biodiversity, and foster the growth of high quality teas.
Tea plantation in Hunan, China

Known for its soft and thick leaves, the large leaf species from this region is one of the famous tea tree varieties in China.

The tea our tea masters curated from this region is rich and mellow and long lasting floral aroma. When brewed, the tea is golden amber, with fresh pine forest, with a touch of mushroom and a tint of smokiness. It is soft and warm as it gently soothes and energises the body.