Our tea masters travel thousands of miles across the globe, sampling teas from different regions, terroir, age of tea orchard and vintage in search of the purist single-estate, small batch dark teas. Each batch has unique favours. Our prestige dark tea collection is curated from the following regions in China.


Hubei, a dark tea region, China on a map


The Premium dark aged tea is from China’s central southwest region, home to the world’s 2,000 years old tea orchards. This region has a long history of tea and tea culture. Home to the birthplace of Lu Yu, the world’s first tea master, the Sage of Tea for his contribution to Chinese tea culture. He was also the author of the monumental book, the Classic of Tea.Tea plantation in Hubei, China

A hidden gem yet to be discovered, this region produces excellent teas and arguably keener value than Dragonwell or Huangshan Mao Feng. It is an extremely mountainous region with very rugged terrain, and not surprisingly is quite rural by comparison to other parts of the province. The land here is heavily forested and known for rich soils high in selenium. As a result of both history and the high selenium content of its soils, Hubei produces a number of unique teas.