Our teas

What is the best selling tea?

Tea Cellar Co. Signature Dark Aged Tea 2000 is currently our bestseller. You can also chat with our Tea Masters to find the perfect tea for you.

Does your tea have caffeine? Do you have any decaffeinated products?

We specialise in single-origin aged teas that are 100% natural and not blended with any other ingredient.

As nearly all the processes that are used to decaffeinate tea use chemicals, we tend to stay away from these processes.

We do not sell herbal or flavoured tea.

All single-origin teas come from Camellia senensis, a native tea plant to East Asia. Caffeine occurs naturally in the tea plant. The amount of caffeine in tea varies by product. 

Does your tea expire? 

We specialise in aged teas, so our teas do not expire.

Given that you have purchased well processed, good quality aged tea and given that it is stored with care, your tea should continue to age and develop excellent aromas in the years to come. In fact, there are still vintage aged teas available on the market from many decades ago that tea enthusiasts would die for. As your tea will continue to age and the value of your team will increase as well.

We have hand-picked a range of vintage aged teas, exclusively for you to taste. Book now!

How do I store the tea?

Tea is sensitive to smell and the air around it because it absorbs odours in its surroundings.

We recommend storing your tea in a dry location, away from heat , fridge/freezer or direct sunlight, with adequate airflow.

Room temperature (under 25 degrees) is preferable, similar to a wine cellar.

We recommend that for aged tea flakes, broken off from pressed teas, our Tea Canister is a wonderful choice for storage of aged tea. It can keep it dry, away from sunlight, odours or moisture. It can help to ensure the quality of your tea as purchased.


    Partnership & Events

    Can my company partner with Tea Cellar Co.?

    Yes, we welcome wholesale and partnership opportunities. Contact us for more information.

    Can Tea Cellar Co. cater at my event?

    Yes, we cater at corporate events, weddings and other private events. Contact us for more information.

    Can I place special order?

    Yes, please contact us for more information.