Pure, natural dark teas

Our superior teas originate from single-estate, small batch growers. Our teas are loose-leaf and whole, designed to be re-brewed.

Aged to perfection

We carefully age our teas for a minimum of 10 years to provide the teas with more aroma and flavour than non-vintage teas.


With an intuitive understanding of the land, climate and seasons, means we source the highest quality, pure, natural teas, from the birthplace of tea, China.

Our tea masters travel thousands of kilometers across the globe, sampling teas from different regions, terroir, age of tea plants and vintage to bring the purist single-estate, small batch dark teas.

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From nature, perfectly imperfect

Traditionally hand-crafted, pressed, our natural dark teas have undergone complex fermentation like Champagne to accelerate complex, rich flavours developed.

Fresh to order. Broken down for you

Our tea artisans break down the pressed teas with love and care, fresh to orders for you.

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