Dark Tea Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Dark Tea Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Summertime here in Australia is just a stones throw away, a tea connoisseur asked me whether I have any dark tea cocktail recipe to share. Last week, I was inspired to make this dark tea Negroni.

Easy to make and refreshingly bitter, this gin and dark tea pairing brings out the fresh pine forest and floral tea flavours while complementing the bitter, bold flavours of Campari.

You could enjoy it anytime of day. I’m naming this a boozy brunch Negroni. 

Write it down, request it at your favourite bar. You’ll gain the barkeeps’ respect and most importantly, you’ll enjoy a good drink.



  1. To prepare hot brewed tea, place 3 tsp of 2000 Vintage Dark Tea in a teapot, topped with 400 ml of hot water, at 100oC. Let it cool down and remove tea leaves after 8 minutes (remember, you can re-brew the tea leaves multiple-times). It is enough to make 10 Negroni cocktails.
  2. Add all the ingredients and ice into a mixing glass/cocktail shaker and stir until chilled.
  3. Strain into a glass filled with large ice cube(s)
  4. Garnish with the lemon peel.


Try it with a slice of citrus e.g. lime, orange, clementine, squeezed and then dropped into the glass, rather than lemon.

Indulge with Tea Cellar Co. 2000 vintage dark tea!