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aged to perfection

tibetan tea is a black tea that has been fermented and matured over a period of years. This process unlocks the flavor of the tea, bringing forth a deep peat/mushroom tone that gives way to a more delicate floral note with subsequent brews.


With each year of aging tibetan tea’s flavor continues to develop with older teas exhibiting more complex flavors and a more rounded overall tone. Tea Cellar is offering tibetan tea that has been aged a minimum of 5 years to begin with and are in the process of sourcing even rarer version aged up to over 10, 30 and even 50 years.

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adapted to a modern lifestyle

Tea Cellar is offering tibetan tea (aged 5yrs+) in a convenient tea bag format so you can enjoy the tea daily, and get the full benefit of its wellbeing properties. 


When we bring you the hyper-rare collectors' teas, they will be presented in their original brick format, maintaining the heritage and artistry of these revered teas. We will teach you how to prepare the tea as part of the tibetan tea ceremony, as well as how to use the tea in mindfulness meditation, as Tibetan monks do.

a rare collectors item

tibetan tea is a collectors item. Bricks aged for hundreds of years, or carved with symbolic dragons often fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. It is the Eastern version of premium wine or whiskey.

so, give it a go, and see for yourself 

that can bring balance to your body

As well as it’s unique flavor, tibetan tea is believed to improve wellbeing by aiding indigestion and help reduce hypertension, blood sugar level and cholesterol. These benefits have been validated through experience with many of drinkers reporting drops in blood sugar and cholesterol levels after drinking the tea nightly for a sustained period of time (see our Health and Wellbeing Promise here).

tibetan tea