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our mission 

Our mission is to bring you flavors you’ve never tasted before that helps improve your wellbeing, enhances the lives of our suppliers and protects the environment.

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product provenance promise

Tea Cellar want to help our suppliers and their families grow and develop their economic freedom. 

To this end we use local suppliers through their local supply chains to get the best product to you.

health and wellbeing promise

At Tea Cellar we take health claims very seriously.  Claims made by Tea Cellar are based on Eastern Medicine’s concept of balance (Yin/Yang and Aru Vedic principles) and experience.  We’ve seen quantifiable proof within our family, but the claims are yet to be verified through western medicine. We certainly are not presenting any tea as a subsitute for your medical practitioners advice, but instead as another tool in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.  


Every body is different.  Scientific research continues to find more ways in which we are all unique. Even the composition of our gut bacteria can impact how well we absorb nutrients from different sources. We believe that Tibetan Tea can bring balance when incorporated into your daily routine over a period of time.  The only way to really know if Tibetan Tea will help you is to give it a go yourself.

packaging promise (ugly is good!)

Tea Cellar’s packaging is UGLY.  Ugly packaging is good for our planet.  Did you know food producers will take perfectly recyclable packaging and cover it in non-recycleable plastic (poly propylene) just to make it shiny and stand out on shelf?  We promise not to put marketing ahead of our planet. So come precycle with us. 


Our packaging is reusable, recycelable and minimises carbon consumption. We utilise a corn starch based resuable tea bag, recycleable/biodegradable plastic and recycled paper. We have also minimised the amount and volume of packaging to reduce the carbon required to pack and transport our tea.  Good tea needs a pristine environment, and we believe in doing our part to keep the environment healthy.

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